" Muletas" with Noiland (LIVE)
Nietzsche said: No artist tolerates reality - but I do think that, through pain, the artist trans- forms reality, recreate it, turn it into art. Inspired through a personal tragedy, Sara Lu cre- ated a piece of delicate suffering and astonishing softness inside the pain. A dance piece developed through one year of personal research and rehearsals gave birth to Muletas, which in Spanish means „crutches“.

I move you...
Your broken nerves
Your paralyzed emptiness
Your immobility
Your fear of the leaves
In the end—move the inevitable

Developed with the support of   Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

MULETAS is an embodiment of Sara’s personal relationship to Poliomyelitis. When it was walk together her father would say “Sara, move the leaves for me”. She advanced, “of course papa, you won’t fall.”



Amelia finished her schooling at The Bejart Ballet School when she was taken into The Baltic Dance Theatre. Shortly after she was promoted to soloist she left the company to find a more collaborative, playful and diverse way of working through freelancing. After co-founding the company Amma Dance Theatre in 2015 with Marion Geisler, Amelia realised that she needed to start again from zero and study a new methodology to aide and further develop her understanding of authentic movement and creation. Amelia moved to Berlin to embark on a journey into the world of butoh in the west. Along with studying and researching Amelia is trying to put into practice the new information so generously shared with her, by creating and collaborating in Berlin with different artists and mediums.

Amelia and Sara have been collaborating since July 2016. Both with their unique styles but together have found a common language. They have their form of communicating in a space together and share a common vision, one that allows them the freedom to have a spontaneous journey with the audience. They will embark on a journey accompanied by Adam Ghaoul. The three artists plan to transform the space of Birgit und Bier with a charming immersive performance. 

Styling by Brandi Alarcón
Developed with the support of Theaterhaus Mitte.


Adam has spent hours and hours lost in the density of Berlin, listening, sharing and above all digging. Besides being Franco-Algerian and British with a proficiency In German, the language he speaks best is music. His aspiration to understand and discover everything has facilitated his awareness of unconventional production methods. For his collaborative work with Amelia Emma Forest and Sara Lu, Adam combines samples from atypical sounding records, with his own production work, fabricating an ambience in coordination to their choreography.

Photos by Diego Castro

Schwestern mit RambaZamba Theater

Regie: Jacob Höhne
Freiheit, Anerkennung, Liebe, ein selbstbestimmtes Leben: Drei Schwestern begegnen sich im Taumel verschiedener Sehnsüchte. Aber ihre gegenseitige Abhängigkeit hält sie gefangen und konfrontiert sie mit ihrem Gegenüber und sich Selbst. Was bedeutet es gebraucht zu werden in einer Weise, die keine Kompromisse zulässt. Oder umgekehrt, wenn das eigene Leben von meinem Gegenüber abhängt. Das Streben nach Unversehrtheit, Vollkommenheit und Freiheit sprengt gewohnte Muster. Der Wunsch nach Freiheit wird zum Verlangen auf Kosten anderer. Wer oder was kann das Verlangen der drei Schwestern stillen. Die eigene Identität verschwimmt im Konstrukt der engen Familienstruktur.
Das RambaZamba Ensemble, eine Tänzerin und Musiker forschen gemeinsam mit dem Regisseur Jacob Höhne nach den Motiven dieser Sehnsucht. „Man hat halt oft so eine Sehnsucht in sich – aber dann kehrt man zurück mit gebrochenen Flügeln und das Leben geht weiter, als wär man nie dabei gewesen.“
Es spielen: Juliana Götze, Hieu Pham, Sven Hakenes, Pascal Kunze, Sascha Perthel
Choreographie: Jacob Höhne, Sara Lu
Bühne: Jacob Höhne
Kostüme und Maske: Beatrix Brandler
Dramaturgie: Kristina Ohmen
Musik: Stefan Dohanetz, Leo Solter
Gäste: Sara Lu,

  1. Managing Director

Photos by Andi Weiland