" Muletas" with Noiland (LIVE)
Febuary 24th & 25th 2018,  20h30 
@Tatwerk Berlin as a double bill with Amelia Emma Forrest & Ampfer (LIVE) 

Nietzsche said: No artist tolerates reality - but I do think that, through pain, the artist trans- forms reality, recreate it, turn it into art. Inspired through a personal tragedy, Sara Lu cre- ated a piece of delicate suffering and astonishing softness inside the pain. A dance piece developed through one year of personal research and rehearsals gave birth to Muletas, which in Spanish means „crutches“.

I move you...
Your broken nerves
Your paralyzed emptiness
Your immobility
Your fear of the leaves
In the end—move the inevitable

Developed with the support of   Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte


January 30th, 10pm.
Eschschloraque with Nana Amarante

"Costuras" sets out to bring a sewn body out from the inside to share with the spectator and create an empathy towards it. 
It is a journey into the internal feeling of being squeezed.
She always wore her old watch, 
             her hands were full of delicate wrinkles..... she sewed life... 
                                               this imprinted memory of her inside of me...

Piece develop in Motimaru Workshop and   Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte.